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Our Mission

To empower current and future cybersecurity youth practitioners around the African Continent with immediately useful knowledge, and capabilities, we deliver industry-leading community programs, resources, training, and events.

We invite youth to take advantage of these programs to further their skills and careers, and private, Universities, public institutions, and civil organizations to stand with us in these efforts.

What We Do

Addressing the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals is an urgent challenge and provides a unique opportunity to make a difference for all civil society organizations, in partnership with private sector and government. The scarce skill shortage must be filled to support the projected growth in the world’s cybersecurity sector over the next couple of years, but the talent pool is simply not keeping pace, as the education system is not set-up or structured to produce youth with the credential or capacity to fill the cybersecurity gap.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Creating opportunity for all everywhere and anywhere in Africa – to learn, participate, and lead –it is imperative to achieving a more diverse cybersecurity industry. PAICTASA is dedicated to creating opportunity for youth by providing more developmental pathways to education, Training, community, and careers.


Our Faculty

Our strong team of training and capacity building professionals, have extensive experience
of training and providing cyber security services across all roles, bringing a
deep understanding of the context of the project, strong expertise in
information security and well established existing personal and professional
networks, within the African Continent and internationally. Together, they
demonstrate the skills required for the effective capacity building. 


Contact our diversity team to learn more about our work and to join us in this
mission: diversityequityinclusiontaskforce@paictasa.africa

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